Big Bag Dischargers

The Bulk Bag Discharger can be provided for handling either bulk bags or 25 kg bags or else a combo unit can be supplied which is designed to handle both bulk bags and the 25 Kg bags. The Bulk Bag Unloader provides a clean, efficient and effective means for discharging a wide assortment of dry solid materials contained within various size and type of bulk bags. It is especially effective in the discharge of non-free flowing materials. Designed to empty the entire contents of a bulk bag, typically into a metering mechanism, the ruggedly constructed bulk bag unloader will handle bags weighing up to two tons; the bags can be disposable, reusable or lined.

The bulk bag unloader is designed for quick and safe operator loading and is equipped with many standard features including an access door supplied with quick-clamps located in the body of the unloader facilitating untying the discharge spout of a bulk bag, a bag lifting rack for lifting the bag into the unloader by fork truck or hoist and adjustable bag rack guide rails and tapered side guides to help align and locate the bulk bag during the loading procedure. The bulk bag Unloader can be supplied in Mild Steel, 304 and 316 SS constructions.

Optional features include an integral manual or motorized trolley, a bag lifting rack equipped with an automatic bag tensioner, a bag lifting tensioner, discharge connections for direct attachment to takeaway systems, provisions for dust removal from within the body of the unloader, dust collector, bag splitter (for disposable bags), sanitary and all stainless steel construction, as well as a vibrator and a hoist and trolley that is suitable for hazardous area applications.