Injection Water Filters (Walnut shell Type Filters)

Injection Water Filters

Walnut Shell Filtration is a method of filtering free oil and suspended solids in applications where the wax content is extremely high. This package is used to treat produced water, refinery waste water, ethylene plant quench water, copper concentrate decant and cooling water.

The filter used is a deep bed of 100 percent treated and heated black walnut shells, which have excellent surface characteristics for coalescing and filtration, plus superior resilience to attrition. These filters offer a deep nutshell bed for higher effluent quality, longer filtration runs and greater throughput efficiency throughout.

The system uses raw process water for back-washing thus eliminating the need for air scour, stand-by filters or additional storage tanks. The filter operates at twice the flux rate of conventional filters in the same application and can remove over three times the amount of solids before the need to be cleaned thereby saving dollars’ worth of time.

Kupps & Sachs has supplied and successfully commissioned several of the above systems in harsh environment treating 2400cum/hr of produced water.