Filter Safe

Filtersafe BS-Series single/ multi screen filters are the perfect pre-treatment solution to protect the fine-filtration assets and equipment whether filtering Produced Water or Sea Water.

Our tailored design and simple modularity enable us to supply filters from 10 micron upwards, with flow rates from 50 - 3300m3/hr in a single unit and limitless capacity in a modular configuration. Filtersafe filters are suitable for applications in :

  • FPSO
  • Well – head and well water injection
  • Refineries
  • Pipeline flushing
  • Cooling towers
  • Process Water (non- oil water treatment plants)

Our extensive experience and know-how, along with high-caliber product range, Filtersafe can offer significant and real advantages over competitors. Clear cut virtues include:

  • Significantly smaller capital investment & operational costs
  • Trouble free Operation
  • Footprint & mass efficiencies
  • Lightweight filtration media.
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Tailored filtration solution
  • Component Durability
  • Proven protection of Ultra-fine and Micro filtration assets
  • Extended time between maintenance of costly filtration media
  • Less reject water expelled in cleaning cycle than other filtration methods- 75% less.
  • Reducing liability of stored contaminants in back flush tanks.
  • Low Operating Pressure Capability