Induced Gas Floatation Skids

Induced Gas Floatation Skids

The purpose of Induced Gas Floatation skids (IGF) are to effectively remove oil and/or suspended solids from oily waste water. The aerator mechanisms circulates water influent, introduced from an upstream separation unit, which creates a froth layer several inches thick, of which the upper few inches contain the oil bubbles.

The skimmers installed are constantly rotated and the paddle blades are set to dip into the surface of the water and skim off the froath/oil bubbles.

The skimmed water/foam mixture contains oil globules that have been removed from the process water thus reducing the effluents drastically.

Kupps & Sachs has supplied and successfully commissioned several of the above systems in harsh environments for treatment of producing water!

Kupps & Sachs offer complete solutions from design and sizing to commissioning including the field FRP piping systems. Kupps & Sachs has a full-fledged in-house field team experienced in commissioning the units and putting them in operation at the shortest lead time thereby enhancing production.