Well Pad Manifold Skids

Well Pad Manifold Skids

Each Well Pad Manifold Skid is designed to have seven slots that can be hooked-up to a maximum of seven wells (production, water injection and spare put together). This can be customized as per the requirement of the customer.

Each skid has one production header to collect the well fluids from the producing well heads, one injection header that caters to the injection lines connected to water injection wells and one test header which will divert the flow to a test set-up during the performance testing of individual wells.

Headers are connected in a crisscross fashion using isolation and check valves to enable diverting the production fluid from the production wells to a test setup or to the processing terminal through the respective header or to inject water into the reservoir through the injection wells.

The skids are designed such that any of the producers or injectors can be converted into injectors or producers respectively, by the reversible elbow arrangement provided on the skid.

The system consists of a flow control valve that diverts flow from the injection header to the production header based on a pressure signal. Chemical injection nozzles are provided on the production header line for injecting treatment chemicals such as scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor and pH stabilizer.

2" outlets are provided from W.I. header with double block valves for supplying water to well head annulus heating.

All equipment are designed & modularized and are compact in size such that there is convenient operational access.