Well Head Chemical Dosing Package (Onshore / Offshore)

Wellpad Chemical Injection skids

Chemical injection skids are used in onshore and offshore production platforms for enhancing life of the wellheads/pipelines by injecting chemicals such as corrosion inhibitor / scale inhibitor / biocides and these skids are built to perform 24x7, 365 days in extreme weather conditions.

Chemicals are supplied in liquid form and these chemicals are then transferred to the feed tank with the tank inlet fitted with a check valve and isolation valve to prevent the back-flow of the holdup chemical.

Tanks have a level transmitter for continuous local and remote level monitoring and an alarm is given off once the chemical is too low or high and the dosing pump gets tripped once the tank level reaches low-low level, this is to avoid pump damage.

Two hydraulically actuated low pressure double diaphragm pumps and two hydraulically actuated high pressure double diaphragm pumps are supplied for each chemical which will operate as one duty and one standby. The dosing pump is operated by a constant speed electric motor and each pump is fitted with a pressure switch to monitor the diaphragm rupture. A pressure switch is given at the discharge line which sets off an alarm when the pumping pressure is low and trips the pump when the discharge pressure is becoming low-low or high-high. The pulsation dampeners, pressure safety valves and the pressure control valves provided at the discharge section of the pump is routed to the respective injection points and the relief valve / upstream control valve discharge is recycled to the tank. Also, a calibration pot is installed in the suction line to calibrate / set the injection chemical flow rate.